Monday, 8 June 2009

ok, so its monday..crikey

helllooo, love you!

ok so last nigth, was good, went and saw the nw terminator film. was really good, ncie new twist on the old films with the classic, i'll be back! was amazing! deffo rate it, plus it was a bonus as i was quite drunk as well, and you could get beer in there :) amazing :)

so afetr that just chilled with big jack and boncer chris in qbars open mic night.

so today, i have been into uni for our moring meeting, and had a pretty fucking productive day, i have tidyed my room, ate my lucnh done some back dated images that needed to be done, chilled to some dire staights and now jus chilling with my blog woop

plans for tonght are gonna be good hoepully, having a few peeps round for a min bday bash thingy as people wont be here for my bday!

what this week brings?

ummm, well. will be here till about lucnh time thursday then i am off, as i heading up to newscastle for the weekend with work for the BTCC at croft, should be a good fun weekend, with lots of jordies yay.might even see jaime :)

ok, well, this is enought for me now, speak laters!

love you lots like jelly tots, but not as much as vodka body shots!

Tom Fucking Dymond

Sunday, 7 June 2009


soo, its 1:24 i just got in, had to let my flat mates boyfriend in as he was standing out side.

beem a fun evening, i went for some drinks with the loverly poupet, and we had a good time starting off at the front and makeing out way to toast, be we ment loverly slighty pissed ruthy. they girlys went off to a house party and my self still not feeling 100% went to grab a subway melt, witch i am currenlty enjoy to the max!

tomorrow? well evening is sorted, hitting up Qbar for some open mic action, and probs just chilling during the day! might go out for lunch :D

love you lots!

tom fucking dymond

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Hello saturday

woohoo, 1st page of a blog, been feeling ill the last few days, after abig night on thursday, where the chciken from bayside didnt agree with me and ment for the last 2 days i have been sick, stuck in my room :(

ohhh well, feeling better now, jut went for a quick drive with will.

plans for later? hmmmmm

food, bit of work, and relaxx!!